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What’s Not For Sale?

ImageI think the general consensus is that you can buy what’s cheap; what really matters is not for sale.

For example, you can buy cheap, meaningless sex.  About 12 years ago, I visited the Mustang Ranch with my father.  (For a picture.  That’s it.  No financial transactions.  I am not the least bit morally opposed to prostitution, but I am opposed to patronizing a brothel with my father.)  You can buy sex, but can you buy physical love and kindness?  That’s what The Sessions was about.

You can certainly buy care of all kinds.  Back pain?  See a doctor.  Need someone to understand you?  See a counselor.  Just want a back rub?  See a massage therapist.

The disestablishmentarians in college will tell you that fraternities and sororities are just about buying friends, while the Greeks (the social Greeks, not the actual Greeks) might retort that all of the best social clubs are expensive.  But can you really buy friends?  Can you buy a social life?

For the first time in my life, I have the time, energy, and means to pursue a variety of projects that have sat on the backburner while I worked and saved.  But it’s hard to create a meaningful documentary or promote a book without a hefty social circle.  What I’m missing is the social network that I’ll need to tap into.  What I’m missing is the social life which, as an introvert, I’ve prioritized lower than other pursuits.  It’s time to change that.

I’ve decided to invest in a social coordinator or social secretary or executive assistant – or whatever the hell you might call someone who takes the reins of my social life.  I posted the ad on CraigsList and have already gotten a few interesting applications.

So, the question remains to be answered: can I buy a social life?


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